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Let’s not beat around the bush. Google is difficult to deal with on many levels for those utilizing their search tools.

For users, Google has become filled with spam results, including Web Forums and repetitive ‘Ask and Answer’ sites offering very little expertise advise. This has frustrated those searching the web and forced them to go deeper into their search results because they can’t find what they are looking for on the first page.

For advertisers who have built a business on Google, it is debilitating to have that income yanked away because of decisions made by Google in their ‘almighty’ wisdom…. whether it be Google suspending or banning your Adsense account after years of hard work, or finding that your ‘page one’ website rankings have been disappeared because they know best about what consumers want.

Google seems to be more concerned about long winded content than they do about web surfers finding relevant information about various topics.  This includes finding products that those searching the internet are ready and will to buy as online shopping grows. More often than not, service based businesses and niche online stores are bumped to the back pages and only brand name advertisers are catered too.

While Google may have started out with a noble goal of delivering relevant search results at lightning speed.  They have tweaked their engine to death, continually changing their search algorithm, to the point that Google search results are becoming more about beating the spammers than guiding consumers to smaller relevant websites.

Welcome to Spam Free Search, where you can browse the web to your hearts content without convoluted search results. We believe that those searching the web should find solutions to their problems and answers to their questions – AND consumers should find products when looking for products. Not mindless information.

With spam free search you can also protect your computer from viruses, malware and spyware. Find what you want safely with virus free search and no spam.

Unfortunately, the world is still ‘drinking the Google cool-aid’ and blind to their deteriorating search results. But fortunately the tide is changing. Google’s search market share is losing ground each year to other big players, as well as smaller search engines like Blekko’s spam filtered search.

If Google continues to change their algorithms to their search results will continue to lose users for greener search pastures. Their Adsense revenue will continue to plummet as advertisers find user friendly search engines and advertisers can promote their products with targeted low cost PPC.

It is already the case that online marketers and businesses with small practical websites are no longer allowed to advertise on Google AdWords, and if they are allowed then they are paying a fortune on ‘pay per click’ because of a so called ‘low quality score’, which by the way is decided by a computer, not a human being who can be the only the true judge of what is relevant to the keywords tat brought web surfer their in the first place..

This site plans to boldly explore a world of topics beyond Google without all the spam – not because Google is draconian and operating like small dictatorship from an ivory tower, but because there are better alternatives. Better search alternatives and lower cost advertising options for advertisers that will make the web (and the world) a better place.

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